you can do it

there’s ferocity in deciding
“I will do this
even if it kills me.”
a finality in resolving to go all the way.
the doubts are always there but lose
their power when you realize
it’s me or you, bud
and i have everything to gain

fight dirty.
you’ve fought against yourself
vowing a lifetime of Can’t, Won’t
and Never-could’s
What if the single strongest force holding you back
from everything you dream, wish and pine for is

if you’re going to do it
then do it.
battle like your life depends on it
and you will never
be the same





Get the new poetry anthology!

Hey readers!

I decided to publish all of my poems in a collection to feel more like a real writer. Unfortunately that meant I had to take them off the blog. Fortunately, I put them all together in an easy e-book format and it looks pretty awesome. I’m so excited about it! If you’d like to pick up a copy it’s on Amazon for 99 cents.

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