Hi, I’m Nadia.


There’s a reason that I’m a writer, and it’s related to this picture of me with the dog I got for my ninth birthday. There are two things you might notice:

1. I love dogs.
2. With that haircut, those clothes, and an overly excited face – you might guess that I wasn’t very “cool.”

You’d be right. I was painfully shy and like a lot of kids, I felt confused and weird and lonely most of the time. I spent my free time reading – it made me feel less alone. I liked believing that there were people out there who were as brave, kind and courageous as the people I read about in books.

I now write my own books and poems, and not to get too cheesy, but my hope is that the stuff I put out into the world does the same for you – whether it makes you laugh, or makes you feel just a little bit better and a little less alone.

Drop me a line at nadiakgrant@gmail.com