on following your dreams

for the love of God, do not follow
your dreams

chase the bastards down like they just hit you
with their car. tell dreams you want some damn answers
and if they won’t tell you
where they were last night and you waited
and ended up getting really drunk alone
throw dreams’ shit out the window!

then apologize, get dreams back, and get
to work. don’t let them
get away again


Veronica tells me
‘I can control if I fall in love’


there were nights I came home to my controlled life
tumbling over the front lawn.
I was in love against my will, in denial
with an equal fool in a years-long
game of duck, duck

love swung back two years later
all handsome, broad shouldered and devil eyed
and if you think you won’t know love if it
picked up your broken ass and bought you a margarita
you’d be surprised